Mr. Torrez is an accomplished writer and author

off base new insights into an old game

P. Andrew Torrez is the author of OffBase:  New Insights Into an Old Game, a 1998 book that anticipated the statistical revolution that transformed baseball.  The book is now out of print after two printing runs. 

When he was a partner at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, Mr. Torrez was one of the founders of the “Suits by Suits” employment law blog and wrote on cutting-edge issues in employment law. His posts on various topics can be read here.  

Mr. Torrez wrote extensively about the Alex Rodriguez lawsuit, and was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The New YorkTimes and other media outlets. Mr. Torrez correctly predicted that AlexRodriguez would withdraw his lawsuit against MLB several months in advance, which you can read about here.  


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